dictionaryI went to graduate school and spent 5 years learning about brains.  I graduated.  I realized I didn’t have a job.  I like science.  I became a postdoc.  There are postdocs in many professions.  I am a postdoc in a really amazing laboratory that studies Alzheimer’s disease.

It is awesome.

Here’s the thing: there aren’t really any rules about being a postdoc and I have no clue what I’m doing.  Ok, I know what I’m doing–don’t worry, I DID after all get a ph.d. and I know my way around a lab–but how long will I be a postdoc before I have a real job? Will I ever have a real job in academics?  Will I have to be a postdoc in more than one lab?

ACK!  If only this were a video game!  Right now I’m button-mashing and hoping to one day level up my character.  I know that power-ups exist somewhere–in the form of data, publications, and grants–but I’m looking at the map and there’s a long road ahead.  And my character keeps getting stuck in the corner.

But, this is one RPG that I plan on putting some serious hours into.  And if you stick with me, I think I’ll have a pretty good walkthrough put together by the time we’re done.  Let’s become master level postdocs.

Press start to begin.


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