Happy Thanksgiving.

I stopped the car by the side of the road.  The sun was a shimmering sliver, radiant and burning just above the horizon.  Above the sky was grey and flat, low hanging clouds melting into the grey water below.  In seconds, the clouds became tinged with light tangerine orange and lemony yellows.  The sun was round now–almost a full disk–and it seemed impossibly large.  The clouds caught the light and ignited.  Hot pinks and molten purples diffusing out of the ocean.  Blinding and brilliant, the colors reflecting off the water in waves of color.  Up the sun rose, now passing behind the clouds.  The colors grew more diffuse–soft rose, ginger, lilac.

And then they were gone.  The world was grey again.

It took maybe all of five minutes, but somehow, going into lab didn’t seem so bad anymore.


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