Items you will need on your scientific quest. Part III

Box of hoarding

#5 A drawer of hoarding.  Find a good deep drawer.  Chances are there are several unused ones throughout the lab.  And by “unused”, I mean a previous graduate student or postdoc shoved a bunch of items (filter paper, cuvettes, cotton swabs, odd plasticware) into a drawer presumably to disapparate them and there they have remained since.  Empty said drawer.  Fill it with your secret stash of buffers, special pipette tips, favorite labels, troll dolls, etc.  This is now an amazing treasure trove of science.  And, because everyone assumes that the drawer is full of old garbage, no one will find it.  Enjoy stunning your coworkers when the lab supply of a critcial reagent runs out and you can miraculously procure some from your drawer of hoarding for just this occasion.

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